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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Traveling Too Long

I noticed a few things today that may indicate that I have been traveling a little too long.

1) Last night I took everything out of my suitcase and repacked once again. However, this time I only put in what I needed for six days. Everything else went into an extra duffle bag that was shoved way back in the trunk of the car.

2) While we drove today, I paid more attention to billboards than usual. (Maybe because Missouri seems to have more than any other state that we have traveled through to date.) I even found myself reading them. One advertised "toasted ravioli". I was fascinated by the concept and asked Denise what that meant. She described the process of creating this delicacy and then said, "Why would anyone do that to a ravioli!" I laughed out loud and then chuckled for miles. Does traveling for twelve days make one silly?

3) I brought the bags and cooler that contain our food into the hotel room tonight and reorganized them. I checked and yes, we have enough for five more days of travel.

4) Thoughts of our farm, our dogs, and the things to be done when we return kept popping into my mind as the miles passed by. I must be getting ready for the traveling to end.

But meanwhile our journey continues. "What would John say to you about this trip, Loretta?" was the question Denise posed to me as we drove past Tulsa, OK. I paused for a moment and replied.
"He would say three things, 'Why did you spend money on this trip, Loretta?', 'Thank you so much for doing it!!' and 'If this trip is in my memory, why aren't you on the road at 4:00am like I was?' and then he would smile!" Denise reminded me that we are creating a tribute for John. We do not have to be John.

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